The Art of Ottawa Snow Removal

You may think that a bit of Ottawa snow is no match for a large and powerful snow plow. However, snow often changes as it’s falling, making the conditions of the roads change as well. Zoryk’s drivers maneuver heavy machinery, in the dark, in low visibility, on slippery roads, surrounded by stationary and moving objects. This can be a real challenge of balance and timing…an art, if you will. So, we at Zoryk’s ask you to please, be patient with us as we work to clear your roads and driveways and get you where you need to be on time.

Along these lines, even with driveway markers, it’s a trick to get the plow’s blade to lay just right and clear things as requested. So if you have special requirements, please tell Zoryk’s up front. Choose carefully where you want the excess snow piled, and where you don’t want it placed, keeping in mind that snow piles up over the course of the winter. Once it’s frozen, it’s staying there.

It’s much harder to plow a large accumulation of snow than just an inch or two. So remember, on Ottawa blizzard days, each job takes longer and is more complex to do well, Factor this into your planning for leaving your property and coming home.

We mark your plow boundaries so this should not be an issue – but if our plowing is off and we damage something on your property, please contact us right away so that we can address it immediately. Take pictures of the damage, so that we can determine responsibility and cost.

Ottawa winter roads and driveways can be unnerving, but Zoryk’s wants to work with you. Keep us informed of your snow removal needs and challenges, so that your snow removal will go much more smoothly. Pun intended!

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