The Advantages of Fall and Early Winter Fertilization

Fall is in full swing and as you start preparing your Ottawa home for cold weather, you may also want to start preparing your lawn for the winter chill. Zoryk’s offers you some late Fall lawn care tips to consider.

Fertilize in the Fall and again in early winter for better colour! Grass uses the nitrogen in fertilizer to remain green throughout the winter, plus the root growth will begin to occur during a thaw and from up two to six weeks earlier in the spring.

Fertilized grass also has a higher carbohydrate level. Carbs, which are stored energy, enable grass to use this energy for growing and faster photosynthesis. Winter stress can also be reduced by the large amount of carbohydrates in the grass.

Weed problems tend to be lessened, because the grass growth is competing with weeds for space instead of staying dormant. Due to increased root growth, weeds are less able to spread throughout the lawn.

Late Fall fertilizer helps grass remain strong and healthy. Grass, that has received an application of a balanced fertilizer and maintains a reserve of carbohydrates is less likely to contract fungal and lawn diseases.

Contact Zoryk’s anytime you’d like to start your lawn on a regular diet of fertilizer throughout the year.

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