Show Off Your Ottawa Landscaping and Stay Safe

There’s a part of every Ottawa landscaping project that is for us, and some for them.  What do we mean exactly?  Of course you spend time and money to make your Ottawa landscaping look beautiful for your own benefit. But a big part of Ottawa landscaping is to show off… not in a bad way, but it is your home and your yard – you want your Ottawa landscaping to be impressive.

But when do many people drive by your home to see said impressive Ottawa landscaping?  Night time.  So why not go beyond the basic lighting and install a system that not only shows off your brilliant Ottawa landscaping, but also keeps your family safe.

Zoryk’s can help you choose lighting options like spotlights and flood lights that will both add a security element to your property and illuminate your wonderful Ottawa landscaping.

Make sure you pick the right lighting or get some help as you don’t want your Ottawa landscaping to be riddled with bulky lighting that is easy to trip over or bump into and break.  Recessed lighting is a great solution for Ottawa landscaping as these slick, stylish lights can be inserted into decking and paving to add subtle illumination at night, yet are guaranteed not to get in the way, leaving you and your family to enjoy carefree activities in the garden. Another great option are wall lights to illuminate your home and your Ottawa lawn.

Don’t go cheap when selecting outdoor lighting and settle for indoor lighting products as they can be a fire hazard.


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