A successful softscape depends on careful planning, innovation and professional maintenance. Zoryk’s Property Maintenance will help you bring your outdoor spaces to life! Our extensive sofscape design includes the supply and installation of flowers, plants, trees, softscape structures, retaining walls and walkways to create your outdoor oasis.


Lush and healthy plants are key components of a breathtaking landscape. At Zoryk’s Property Maintenance, we have evolved and created our own custom fertilizer! This proprietary mix has had many of our clients ask us if we have patented it yet (we haven’t, fertilizer research is REALLY expensive), however you will be able to see the results for yourself. Contact us to set up a treatment; you will be amazed with the results.


Our professional staff can provide complete yard clean-up services to prepare your softscaping for the upcoming season. Zoryk’s services include a clean out of all flower beds and lawn areas to get rid of the previous season’s leaves, as well as de-thatching and core aerating lawns to remove all dead and thinning grass in order to promote a thicker and healthier lawn. Our yard clean-up services take the hassle out of seasonal clean-up, and give your lawn and gardens a head start, so you can spend more time enjoying the season!


At Zoryk’s we treat garden design as an art form, and much more than just planting! Expert softscapers will ensure matching textures and colours to the natural elements of your outdoor spaces. We will ensure that your garden complements the component textures, as well as your yard as a whole. Sun exposure, shade, drainage, and moisture requirements all go into designing the perfect garden. We will work with you to select the optimal perennials or annuals, or select low-maintenance plants to ensure that your garden is perfect for your requirements. We also offer annual flower installation, which will keep your flower beds bursting with colour, and of course we do weed control and fertilization.

Whether you are looking to add some softscaping design around your pool or patio, Zoryk’s Property Maintenance can provide you with materials (trees, shrubs, flower beds, retaining walls, flag stone – you name it), pricing and details to ensure that your project is a success.


The appearance and safety of your property can directly impact your property’s value. We offer complete softscaping service, from routine maintenance to full softscape design.

Contact Zoryk’s Property Maintenance for a free estimate for your requirements.