Picking the Right Ottawa Snow Removal Company

Ottawa snow removal is a basic purchase, right?  I mean… there are a ton of companies that provide Ottawa snow removal – they must all be the same, right?  Wrong.

As we head into the teeth of winter and Ottawa snow removal season, here are a few tips as hiring a company for Ottawa snow removal is not as simple as it seems.

  1. Hire an established Ottawa snow removal company.  Being in business for a long period of time shows that they know what they are doing and are trusted… plus it would really stink if they disappeared.
  2. Ask your prospective Ottawa snow removal company for references. Do they show up on time, are they reliable, and do they tear up your lawn are all basic questions that should be asked.
  3. Make sure that your Ottawa snow removal has some pride.  If they are driving around in unmarked trucks, with no logo on the door – are they hiding something?
  4. Ask about their equipment.  Older Ottawa snow removal equipment may have served them well for the past ten-plus years, but these trucks are more likely to break down.
  5. Find out how much liability insurance the Ottawa snow removal company has.  This should be a high number (millions) as an accident on your property could come back on you.
  6. Be careful about selecting the low cost provider of Ottawa snow removal.  Sure, no one wants to get taken advantage of, but you may find that your Ottawa snow removal company, if they charge to little, may go belly-up mid-winter if their incoming cash flow doesn’t match with the requirements needed for a heavy winter season.
  7. If you are in the commercial space, ask how big the plows are for Ottawa snow removal.  Why does this matter?  The bigger the plow, the faster you’re clear.
  8. Don’t pay up front.  Pay monthly to keep your Ottawa snow removal service coming and committed to providing quality service.

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