Picking the Right Commercial Provider of Ottawa Snow Removal

Picking an Ottawa snow removal company for your commercial space is a bit different than basic residential needs. Your business needs to be open for customers and employees – often 24 hours a day.  And to make matters more complicated, the liability concerns you have require reliable, frequent, and professional Ottawa snow removal.

When you keep your commercial property clear, you may even find that the cost savings from your insurance company for having Ottawa snow removal in place covers the contract price.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a commercial provider of Ottawa snow removal:

Pay Monthly
Don’t pay a contract up front for the season as – like it or not – money up front is a de-motivator to providing good customer service for Ottawa snow removal.  This also gives you flexibility to cancel if service levels for Ottawa snow removal are not sufficient.

Customized Contracts
As long as we are talking about terms, let’s look at Ottawa snow removal contracts. A professional, flexible, and reliable Ottawa snow removal company should be able to tailor their services to your needs and put it in writing. Put WHEN the company conducts Ottawa snow removal at your commercial space as it differs for every business.  If you have a grocery store, you don’t want Ottawa snow removal to be taking place at 5:30 pm.

24/7 Ottawa Snow Removal 
As a business owner, chances are you are always on call.  That is reality.  And the same reality goes for commercial Ottawa snow removal companies. Ask the company – are you plowing, no matter the time, no matter the day? And get that in writing. You are also going to want to be able to reach your Ottawa snow removal company at all hours of the day – make sure you can.

Be Age Discriminant
As your Ottawa snow removal how old and how they maintain their equipment.  This reveals not only how strong their business is, but will show you how reliable they will be.  No one wants to hear they can’t get their Ottawa snow removal services because the truck is broken down.

Ottawa Snow Removal: More Than the Plow 
Make sure Ottawa snow removal contractor you hire has the ability to clear all your lots no matter the amount of snow. And even more important, make sure the company you hire for Ottawa snow removal also offers both snow and ice removal services, shoveling walks, sanding, deicing, salting, snow hauling and stacking. Shoveling keeps walkways, handicapped ramps, stairs, docks, exits and entrances, clear.

Licensed, Insured, and Referred
Make sure the Ottawa snow removal company is insured in the millions… the last thing your business needs is liability associated with an accident that could have been avoided with better Ottawa snow removal. And finally… get references.

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