Ottawa Lawn Care 101: Aeration

No one wants to aerate.  When it comes to lawn care, it is not an exciting chore.  Most often you find yourself at Home Depot overspending for a half day rental.  Then your day is filled with kicking out chunks of your Ottawa lawn that look like little Vienna sausages.

If you don’t want to do it on your own, Zoryk’s Property Maintenance offers aeration service that, depending on the size of your lawn, may actually be less than renting and doing it yourself.

How do you know your lawn needs aerating?  Typically lawn care professionals will tell you to cut out a few sections of your turf, and see how far down the roots extend.  If your grass roots are less than five centimeters, it’s aeration time. Which is convenient for your Ottawa lawn care as the best time to aerate is now. One note – if your Fall lawn care involves planting seed, do NOT aerate.

So why do we aerate as a lawn care practice?  As your lawn ages, your yard’s soil becomes so compact that growing grass does not have space for its growing roots. If your Ottawa lawn care does not include aeration, your yard is susceptible to deterioration, weeds, and attack by insects and diseases.


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