Ottawa Hardscaping: Picking the Right Paver Colour

A big part of Ottawa hardscaping is the selection of the right pavers for your patio, walkway, driveway, etc. Colour, shape, contrast, size and materials are all things you need to consider when selecting pavers for your Ottawa hardscaping project.

Colour choice is critical for a few reasons.  One, it is not like paint colour or landscaping that should you change your mind it is painful, but doable.  Your choice of colour for your pavers is something you will live with for many years, and it should match both your taste as well as the aesthetics of your home and property. Use a colour chart page you to narrow down your choices and think big picture if this is part of an overall Ottawa hardscaping project.

Looking at your roof tile colours can be a good starting point.  Or perhaps you want to look at your house trim and compliment that. One thing you will want to avoid when selecting a colour is getting pavers that are darker than your building… you want pavers, as with any Ottawa hardscaping to complement, not compete with your home/building.  Keep in mind that a darker paver colour will make your home “blend in” more with the landscaping while a lighter colour will accentuate your home. What do you want to show off? Your house or your landscaping?

A great way to spice up the Ottawa hardscaping design and avoid monotony is by combining two paver colours that work well together or using a colour blend.

A darker colour of pavers used in your Ottawa hardscaping project will stain less easily. What kind of special circumstances are unique to your property?  If you have a sprinkler system with a high level of iron/rust it it, this will create staining – so your coulour choice should be earth tones.

As with any Ottawa hardscaping project, small details are critical.  With large driveways a subtle colour contrasting border can be a big wow factor.  Zoryk’s is well-versed in providing paver design and installation – we’d love to discuss your options with you.

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