Lawn Care 101: Fall Into Planting Grass

It’s widely accepted – if not known – that for Ottawa lawn care the best time to plant grass is the Fall. Why is this the best time to seed and focus on a lush lawn?  Besides preseason hockey games, Fall brings the ideal climate for planting grass and lawn care in Ottawa. You have this perfect lawn care window where cooler temperatures bring the moisture (in the form of dew and rain) you need while the soil is still warm enough to germinate grass seed.  And in between the Fall rains come the warm, non-harsh sunshine that is perfect for lawn care and growing grass. The lawn care you undertake today will pay dividends in the spring as the cool fall air facilitates grass to buckle down and grow strong roots.

Whether your Ottawa lawn care requires a complete reseeding (for which we can assist) or simply filling in bald spots, the time is now to start planting grass. If you are simply repairing bald spots look for an al-in-one lawn care mix that includes seed, fertilizer, and mulch.

Before you plant make sure you loosen the soil with a rake so your lawn care efforts don’t go wasted as your new grass needs to be able to easily root, not fight through a hard layer of soil.

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