How To Select an Ottawa Hardscaping Contractor

For Ottawa hardscaping, it’s easy for us to say… pick Zoryk’s and you are done.  But whether you turn to Zoryk’s or not, here are some things you must consider when selecting a contractor for Ottawa hardscaping.

  1. Does the contractor you are hiring conduct the Ottawa hardscaping themselves or rely on subcontractors?
  2. Does the contractor warranty both the labour and the materials used for Ottawa hardscaping?
  3. How long has the contractor been providing specific Ottawa hardscaping services (i.e. installing pavers)?
  4. Is the contractor licensed and accredited in Ottawa hardscaping disciplines?
  5. Have they been trained by the Ottawa hardscaping materials manufacturer(s)?
  6. What percentage of the contractor’s business is providing the Ottawa hardscaping service you are hiring them for?
  7. What does their portfolio of Ottawa hardscaping look like? They should have photos that show off their Ottawa hardscaping work.
  8. Can they provide you with references of people they have provided similar Ottawa hardscaping projects?
  9. Is the contractor properly insured?

If you have decided to move forward with Ottawa hardscaping – congratulations, this is a great way to increase both your enjoyment of your property and your resale value.

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