Fall Lawn Care Tips for Your Ottawa Yard

Whether you do-it-yourself or hire someone like Zoryk’s Property Maintenance, the time is now to complete your Ottawa lawn care Fall to-do list.

What’s on the list for Ottawa lawn care?  What kind of lawn care do you need to winterize your Ottawa lawn?

Fall Ottawa Lawn Care To-Do #1: Aerate
Aerating your Ottawa lawn enables oxygen, water, and fertilizer to easily reach the grass’s roots. You can rent an aerator or Zoryk’s can take care of it as part of a wintering lawn care package.

Fall Ottawa Lawn Care To-Do #2: Keep Mowing
Don’t stop mowing and watering and your last cut should have the mower’s blade at a low setting so your lawn is shorter.  Why?  Shorter grass won’t burn out in the fall and it will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.

Fall Ottawa Lawn Care To-Do #3: Rake Your Leaves
Removing fallen leaves right away is crucial for good Ottawa lawn care. If you wait for all of the leaves to fall before you rake, the leaves on the ground will be soaked by the rain, be matted down, and can kill your grass and breed fungal diseases.

Fall Ottawa Lawn Care To-Do #4: Fertilize
The best time for fertilizing for Ottawa lawn care is the Fall. Why?  The grass roots that the fertilizer is feeding grows quickly in the fall. A must for Fall lawn care is fertilizer to deliver essential nutrients. We can also provide this as a fall service (along with aerating) and the next lawn care to-do…

Fall Ottawa Lawn Care To-Do #5: Take Care of Your Weeds
Fall is the best time to finally get rid of stubborn weeds.  Apply a herbicide now and they won’t return in the spring.


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