Decorating Your Ottawa Yard for the Holidays

Make the outside of your Ottawa home as ready for the holiday season as the inside with these outdoor decorating ideas from Zoryk’s.

Wreath with Skates

Hang a wreath on your front door that welcomes visitors with a snowy sporty theme. Take an 18 inch foam wreath and wrap it with the sleeves of an old sweater. From the inside top, hang two ice skates to drape down over the bottom of the wreath. Add a bow and some snowflakes for a little pizazz.

Globes of light

To create natural woodland feel, you can still use those cement planters that dot your front and back porches, even as they fill with Ottawa’s freshly fallen snow! Grapevine spheres wrapped in mini tree lights become shimmering orbs when placed in birdbaths, urns, or on stair steps to cast an ethereal glow on your outdoor landscape for a unique effect that’s visible from the curb.

Lighted Burning Bush

Here’s an idea that will serve dual purposes! Start by gathering up the broken sticks and twigs left over from a windy day.  Place a string of coiled up tree lights on top of the soil in a dormant window planter. Then insert branches and twigs into the soil to create a bushy appearance, which, when lit, mimics a Burning Bush. These twigs will eventually make great tinder for your indoor fireplace.

Trellis Tree

Grab those empty trellis’ left over from your summer Clematis and put them to use. Take your deepest planter and wrap several strands of large bulb white tree lights around the top. Poke in some evergreen clippings to drape over the bottom lights. Then plant a trellis deep in the soil, and “climb” those large bulbs vertically, securing with zip ties, to get the look of large blooms. Mix in some mini lights to create the effect of climbing branches.

You can leave your wooden furniture out in the Ottawa snow for a few more weeks and dress them in boughs of evergreen and pine cones with mini tree lights as highlights for a homey feel.

Zoryk’s hopes you have the happiest of holidays and a worry-free new year knowing we’ve taken care of all your property maintenance needs.

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