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Show Off Your Ottawa Landscaping and Stay Safe

There’s a part of every Ottawa landscaping project that is for us, and some for them.  What do we mean exactly?  Of course you spend time and money to make your Ottawa landscaping look beautiful for your own benefit. But a big part of Ottawa landscaping is to show off… not in a bad way, but it is your home and your yard – you want your Ottawa landscaping to be impressive.

But when do many people drive by your home to see said impressive Ottawa landscaping?  Night time.  So why not go beyond the basic lighting and install a system that not only shows off your brilliant Ottawa landscaping, but also keeps your family safe.

Zoryk’s can help you choose lighting options like spotlights and flood lights that will both add a security element to your property and illuminate your wonderful Ottawa landscaping.

Make sure you pick the right lighting or get some help as you don’t want your Ottawa landscaping to be riddled with bulky lighting that is easy to trip over or bump into and break.  Recessed lighting is a great solution for Ottawa landscaping as these slick, stylish lights can be inserted into decking and paving to add subtle illumination at night, yet are guaranteed not to get in the way, leaving you and your family to enjoy carefree activities in the garden. Another great option are wall lights to illuminate your home and your Ottawa lawn.

Don’t go cheap when selecting outdoor lighting and settle for indoor lighting products as they can be a fire hazard.


Add Some Wow to Your Ottawa Landscaping

More and more Ottawa landscaping plans are being developed with water features incorporated.  Your kids may have moved out and you want to add some beauty to your Ottawa landscape.  Or maybe you just want to add some natural beauty and diversity to your Ottawa landscaping.

Now is the time to sit down with Ottawa landscaping experts to map out what a water feature might bring to your Ottawa lawn. We can help ensure the water feature looks like a natural part of your yard, not just an ad-on. And the water features we provide will bring less, not more maintenance to your Ottawa lawn care.   We’ll design a feature custom-fit for your Ottawa landscaping that will…

Reduce Stress and Deliver Tranquility 
Being near water reduces stress levels. But by near, we are not talking about a 20 minute drive downtown to sit by the river.  Sit by your own stress-reducing flowing water with Zoryk’s solutions for your Ottawa landscaping. There is science behind this stress-reducer.  Evaporating water produces negative ions that have been shown to improve moods and lower stress hormones. It is no coincidence that people flock to beaches and water to relax! It is savvy Ottawa landscaping that makes your home not only your castle, but a source of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Increase Your Property Value
Ottawa landscapes that have been professionally maintained and have unique elements like water features do a good deal to shoot your resale value up. These water features on your Ottawa landscaping not only increases your property’s appearance and value, but makes it more attractive to would-be buyers, which gives can you an edge in a competitive property market.

Block Out Noise
Water features added to your Ottawa landscaping basically serve as nature’s white noise machine.  You’ll be blocking out sounds of kids, cars, etc.

If you are interested in water features or any element of undertaking for your spring Ottawa landscaping, please make sure to contact Zoryk’s.

Ottawa Lawn Care Starts Now

Your Ottawa lawn care, when the time comes, will depend on multiple factors – not the least of which will be irrigation.

If you do not have an irrigation or sprinkler system for your lawn in place, the upcoming spring season is a great time for installation as Ottawa lawn care after installation is easier in the spring?  Why? The best time for growing grass is the spring and fall… but you certainly don’t want to take too many chances in the fall with digging up your yard as Ottawa lawn care could turn into mud care if an early winter comes.

So if you decide to make a sprinkler/irrigation system part of your Ottawa lawn care, there are some things you need to consider.

Consider your Ottawa landscaping. How is your Ottawa landscaping laid out now – or how will you be making changes to your Ottawa landscaping whereas irrigation will be needed. Are there obstacles like trees that are there for the life of your home or other areas that are just not changing?

Leverage Ottawa lawn care professionals for design. Zoryk’s or any other Ottawa lawn care company can help by sketching out how the irrigation system should be setup. Planning out the Ottawa landscaping and the Ottawa lawn care that will be needed will help you figure out what types of system you need all areas of your lawn.

X Factors. As with anything, irrigation systems for Ottawa lawn care come in different price ranges. And depending on the size of your lawn and the Ottawa landscaping you have, so to will the number needed of watering areas for proper lawn care.

Don’t ignore your irrigation system.  In order for your system to provide the right Ottawa lawn care, you will need to maintain the system in both the spring and the fall.

It is not as much work as it sounds, but if you would like help with this or any aspect of Ottawa lawn care, turn to Zoryk’s.

Comprehensive Ottawa Snow Removal From Zoryk’s

Winter feels like it will never end – so if you have had it with do-it-yourself Ottawa snow removal, Zoryk’s is here to bridge the gap between now and the eventual arrival of Spring.

Ottawa snow removal is a big job – and Zoryk’s can provide all of these services. From driveways to walkways, Ottawa snow removal from Zoryk’s will ease the pain that every snowfall brings while we wait patiently.

Ottawa snow removal from Zoryk’s starts with plowing – and plowing on a regular basis. When storms come along Ottawa snow removal is critical to take place multiple times throughout the storm.

Ottawa snow removal from Zoryk’s can also include shoveling or snow blowing your walks.

Zoryk’s can also speed up your Ottawa snow removal by using de-icer before a storm and after you are done shoveling can really make a difference.

Don’t let all these storms get you down – Zoryk’s can make your life so much easier with Ottawa snow removal.