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The Advantages of Fall and Early Winter Fertilization

Fall is in full swing and as you start preparing your Ottawa home for cold weather, you may also want to start preparing your lawn for the winter chill. Zoryk’s offers you some late Fall lawn care tips to consider.

Fertilize in the Fall and again in early winter for better colour! Grass uses the nitrogen in fertilizer to remain green throughout the winter, plus the root growth will begin to occur during a thaw and from up two to six weeks earlier in the spring.

Fertilized grass also has a higher carbohydrate level. Carbs, which are stored energy, enable grass to use this energy for growing and faster photosynthesis. Winter stress can also be reduced by the large amount of carbohydrates in the grass.

Weed problems tend to be lessened, because the grass growth is competing with weeds for space instead of staying dormant. Due to increased root growth, weeds are less able to spread throughout the lawn.

Late Fall fertilizer helps grass remain strong and healthy. Grass, that has received an application of a balanced fertilizer and maintains a reserve of carbohydrates is less likely to contract fungal and lawn diseases.

Contact Zoryk’s anytime you’d like to start your lawn on a regular diet of fertilizer throughout the year.

Avoid the Ottawa Landscaping Damage Snow Can Cause

You take great pride in your Ottawa landscaping and want to make sure your flowers and plants look beautiful year after year. Before winter comes in full force, every homeowner should consider property maintenance a top priority by protecting their lawn and garden from freezing. Here are a few of Zoryk’s tips to ensure that your grass and plants will stay as winter lawn care healthy as possible.

Snow on Your Lawn
Snow, in and of itself, isn’t the lawns enemy. What really damages your lawn is the salt that comes into contact with it when you try to melt the snow. Instead of salt try using sand or clay-based kitty litter on your driveway, which will prevent any salt run-off into your grass. This is also a good and sustainable snow removal practice.

Keep the snowmen to a minimum. While it is a great winter tradition, the grass in your lawn is more easily damaged when there is heavy foot traffic. Stay off the grass and the snow will stay light and melt much faster. Did you know, that if you scatter grass seed on the soil surface at the first sign of thaw, the seed will be firmly in place by the time spring comes around…Even if more snow falls!

Snow in Your Gardens
Snow does not do any severe damage to your garden in the winter.  It can actually provide much needed insulation to dry plants. However, heavier snowfall and ice can cause damage plants if they aren’t protected.

To avoid getting snow on particular plants, you can cover them with netting. If you can, use the netting to tie plants into the shape of a cone, that way heavy snow will not weigh it down. You may want certain plants to stay uncovered due to it’s visual interest. No worries, snowfall can gently be removed by using a broom to sweep upwards on the plant. Though, attempting to remove any ice is a mistake, as branches with ice on them will most likely break off.

Hoses in the snow.
Rehab plants after winter by watering any evergreen plants you have during the first thaw, as the cold will have frozen their roots. This causes dehydration, and without water these plants will die.

These are just a few of the things to consider during Ottawa’s winter months for your property’s maintenance. Zoryk’s will save you time, the expense of costly lawn care products and machinery should your lawn and garden need repairs come spring. Let us know how we can help.

Cold Weather Gardening: Landscaping During Ottawa Winters

Ottawa lawn care in the Fall tends to be all about raking, seeding, and feeding.  Frankly, its more of the art of maintenance the the art of lawn care – and the work as well as your yard can become pretty… blah.

Gardens can be a saving grace for your Ottawa yard as they can really shine in the cold, dreary, flowerless months between November and April. Creating visual interest in the winter lawn can be a surprising way to enjoy your Ottawa property year round! Zoryk’s recommends some plants that’ll catch the eye above the snowdrifts, beyond the usual berry-bearing bushes.

When thinking of the plants that contrast the dull colors of winter after the red leaves have fallen to the ground, imagine the intense flash of a Redstemmed Dogwood with the bare red stems expressed against a wall, or when mixed in with some yellow-stemmed dogwoods look like Fall never left. Many wintercreeper flowering plants have great winter color, too. This evergreen shrub, which grows when supported and turns reddish and purply in the cold.

Add the element of shape to an Ottawa Winter garden! Include weeping mulberry and corkscrew hazel shrubs, which have twisted, slender limbs, which add year-round interest to gardens

Boy, does wildlife come out in the winter, and our gardens can offer food and shelter to sustain life outside. Zoryk’s is fond of Persimmon trees for this reason! From mid-September, through Christmas and into the new year, tons and tons of this particularly delicate and delicious wild fruit can be harvested for eating or left on branches as a seasonal bird feeder.

Zoryk’s Landscaping services go beyond the typical growing months. With careful planning, including matching textures and colours to the natural elements of your landscape. Our softscape design services will help you bring even your outdoor spaces to life!